The idea to create a piece which deals with the current topic of the Corona Virus arose when the topic was not as omnipresent in our perception as it is right now.
The original idea was to create a ring ontop of  which the shape of the virus is engraved. This ring was intended as a kind of protective amulet that was supposed to protect the person who wears it wearer from the virus and the disease. This idea was based on the sacred yantra tattoos of Southeast Asia. With these tattoos certain patterns and fonts are engraved, which are supposed to give the person who wears it wearer luck or protection. The look of the ring has evolved over time and was influenced by the experiences and effects of the current situation. As can be seen, the top area of the ring has now remained empty and the engraving has moved to the side. Also the engraving no longer shows a virus, but an antibody produced by the human body to fight the virus. The antagonist of the virus, so to speak, which the body needs to get well. In terms of content, the work no longer primarily deals with the protective aspect of the ring. We have tried to transcend the topic of the crisis and its cause, the virus, and to put it in context.
One of the connections that we have associated with the ring is in a more specific direction. The shape of the ring is reminiscent of a signet ring. A signet ring is a sign of identification. Normally the  coat of arms on it shows the belonging to a certain group, which shows solidarity among its members. This idea of solidarity is now more relevant and important than ever. The ring reminds us that coping with problems or (social) progress works best in the community. Since you wear the ring on your hand and you can see it in comparison to a necklace, even without a mirror, it is particularly suitable as a daily reminder. In contrast to a tattoo, you can also remove it if you don't want to show it.
On the other hand, a rather spiritual approach comes into play. Said, we are currently at the end of a certain cycle of time. We enter the new cycle and through the ring we can remember the past and the difficulties we have dealt with. At some point this cycle will also end and another will begin. On one hand, the shape of a ring is reminiscent of a portal through which the new time period can be entered, on the other hand, the infinitely alternating cycles can be found in the infinite circular shape of the ring. This was also the cause, why we didn’t create a brooch or other piece of jewelry. The conscious decision to leave the top surface of the ring empty is also based on the idea that we as human beings now have the chance of /a new beginning. The blank slate, so to speak, that we were given to begin another chapter. The ring will get scratches on its shiny surface when time passes.

That’s how life is.

Each ring is individually handmade  by us. Nevertheless we have priced the ring as low as possible so it just covers our costs and expenditure of time. If you cannot afford this ring, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to make it possible for other people who can’t afford it, you are more than welcome to pay a little more. The excess money will help other people who can’t afford the initial price. Payment option via bank transfer or PayPal.

About us

We are Regina Rupp and Julian Arayapong. We both study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Regina studies jewelry under guidance of Karen Pontoppidan, Julian studies painting under guidance of Markus Oehlen.